One of the latest Technologies representations recently acquired by Fernergy Group has been Ennox out of Norway, a game changing technology in the hydrocarbon separation from the solids and also water. Simply put, Ennox’ process is harnessing the energy from Hydrodynamic Cavitation. The core of Ennox technology is Hydrodynamic Cavitation, which is the process of vaporization, bubble generation and bubble implosion in water due to rapid change in pressure.

By generating and imploding millions of bubbles, Ennox is harvesting the energy from these collapsing bubbles in its patented cavitation reactor. In the extreme conditions in the cavitation reactor, each collapsing bubble generates a microscopically field of extreme temperature and a micro jet of a shooting water. The cavitation process lasts milliseconds, releasing tremendous energy in the form of shockwaves. The power of these waves generated by the cavitation process uniformly disrupts everything in their path.

It is this energy Ennox harvest to eliminate the bonds between oil and the solid materials.  After cavitation process, oil and fluids are separated quickly to eliminate bonds to be recreated. Fluid with oil and water are separated in next stage, where the hydrocarbons are ejected and water is reused into the process.

Website: https://ennoxtech.com/

Rexonics - High Power Ultrasound Technology

The Rexonics technology delivers fully operational high power ultrasonic tools for the stimulation of on- and offshore oil wells. Substantial increases in oil production have been measured and certified by major national oil companies on- and offshore.

Rexonics high powered ultrasonic stimulation technology can be used on- and offshore, and releases up to 1,000 W of ultrasonic power sub-surface down to 6,000 m (approx. 20,000 ft). Rexonics is proven to unclog the perforation zone more efficiently than other known recovery and stimulation methods.

Rexonics is more efficient, and less cost intensive, than other stimulation methods. This makes it an excellent choice for both low and high production wells, on- and offshore. A complete unit can easily be transported and set up in any location and great, long-lasting results are usually achieved within 24 hours, depending on stimulation zone length. This means significantly less downtime compared to competing technologies. In self-flowing wells or gas lift wells, full production can be maintained, even during stimulation.

Rexonics means no risk of damaging the oil well, well casing or tools. Traditional forms of oil well stimulation, such as hydraulic pulses, chemicals or acids, all have risks involved that could lead to costly production halts. Worst case, they could even cause a permanent production stop.

Sucker Rod Pump

More to follow on Sucker Rod Pump Technology ( under Test Trials ) 

Technology under development to reduce the mean time between failure which would allow operators to produce longer and more efficiently without the need to change of rods and pump for an increased time for prudction allowing consequently a greater yield over the installation time.

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